What We Offer

We offer expert advice, instruction, workshops, and guidance on creating effective data visualizations and information design. We work with you throughout the whole design process – from looking at your raw data, identifying your target audience (students/administrators/grant reviewers/etc.), to concepting ways to represent it visually, and finding the right tools to render your data, or infographics. We enjoy what we do and we’re here to help you make your work standout and shine!

We also offer workshops and tutorials to individuals or small groups in the DVS, on the fundamentals of various softwares, or data visualization and design principles. Some the software and hardware we have readily available in the studio are listed below. If you don’t see what your looking for or would like to try, send us a note and tell us!

The Data Visualization Studio includes:

  • Expert assistance and trained student staff!
  • A computer (PC) loaded with popular data visualization and graphic design software, such as:
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Tableau
    • Gephi
    • Processing
    • Sci2
    • R
    • Unity
    • SketchUp
    • GIMP
    • Inkscape
  • Interactive touch screen display
  • Collaborative workstations with monitors
  • Surround sound capabilities
  • A large wall-mounted monitor
  • Two large comfy chairs (in addition to our standard furniture throughout the room)