When first discussing the 3D Design Studio we knew we didn’t want to have a room full of the same kind of 3D printer. Our early research showed that most other libraries that offered 3D printing did it in such a way that users of the 3D printing labs had no access to the printers. That’s no fun.


We wanted users of the 3D Design Studio to have the chance to experience several different kinds of printers. This exposes them to a wider range of technologies and materials. Our printers include six cartesian printers, three delta printers, and two resin printers. And, the printers we chose can print most any material you can imagine, including:

  • PLA, HIPS, PVA, wood filled filaments, Polyester (Tritan), PETT, bronze and copper filled filaments, Polycarbonate, Nylon, PETG, conductive PLA and ABS, UV luminescent filaments, PCTPE, PC-ABS, filament types, for the cartesian and delta printers.
  • Clear, white, grey, and black standard resin, tough resin, castable resin, and flexible resin for our resin printers.

We don’t have all these materials on hand in the lab, but if you have a need for a special kind of filament let us know and we may be able to work with you to get your part printed in the way you need.

Please explore the printers that we chose on the pages below.