Student Team Members
  • Ali Conley
  • Fletcher Blue
  • Celine Stewart
  • Elizabeth Park
  • Nikki Norris
  • Chris Evers
  • Laura Haggerty
  • Nick Gazzillo
  • Brandon Tenggara
  • Dikchhan Tamang
Library Design Team


Jonathan BradleyJonathan Bradley

Jonathan is Newman Library’s Web Learning Environments Application Developer, and he loves tinkering with electronics and computer systems. He has built his own CNC router and believes strongly in the open hardware and software initiatives. He’s currently gathering the parts to build a custom 3D printer, and working on the 3D Design Studio has been an amazing chance to tinker with some impressive 3D printers.


Scott FralinScott Fralin

Scott is Newman Library’s Exhibit Specialist and Event Operations Coordinator. He grew up on a small farm and has been making for most of his life. Projects have ranged from custom bikes to full scale installations here at the Virginia Tech Libraries. He has been playing with 3D printing for the past two years and is excited to see what great things come out of the 3D Design Studio.


Neal HenshawNeal Henshaw

Neal is Newman Library’s Educational Technology and Instructional Designer. Growing up on a farm, always in and out of his grandfather’s woodshop, and learning about computers since the Timex Sinclair 1000 he had in the early 1980’s, he has always loved to build and fix things and see what makes them work. He started learning about 3D printing in the past year, but is excited what the future of this technology holds, and loves teaching others about the possibilities and how to use 3D printers.


Max OfsaMax Ofsa

Max helps manage Newman Library’s facilities and renovations projects. A background in engineering and design has given him the foundation to help create the 3D Design Studio. He hopes his enthusiasm for creativity will encourage the patrons of the studio to explore new ideas of their own.