What We Offer

The University Libraries has developed a studio to support the transformation, curation, and sharing of research data. The Data Transformation Lab’s activities will include:

  • support for transformation of proprietary file types to more accessible formats,
  • support for visualization of data using geospatial information systems (including geocoding, georeferencing, symbolization, and lidar processing)
  • provide processes and best practices for data publishing and archiving.

The Data Transformation Studio includes:

  • Expert assistance and trained student staff!
  • Two computers (PC) loaded with popular data processing software, such as:
    • QGIS
    • ArcGIS Pro
    • ArcMap
    • ENVI
    • ERDAS
    • Autodesk
    • FME
    • MATLAB
    • RStudio
    • NVivo 11
    • Minitab 18
    • SPSS
    • StataMP 15
    • JMP Pro 13