Studio Membership

Interdisciplinary, undergraduate project teams of any size, working on projects of at least 3 weeks in duration may apply to use the studio at any time during the semester. Membership includes access to the studio and supplies, regular advising from the studio manager, as well as small-group workshops on topics related to collaboration, innovation, and interdisciplinary research.

The studio is equipped with computers and AV hookup, furniture that is designed to be rearranged according to occupant needs, and basic office and prototyping supplies. Members will also enjoy convenient access to 3D printers in the 3D Design Studio, VR and AR equipment in the Virtual Environments Studio, and to a Data Visualization Studio down the hall. Admitted groups can request resources and software for the studio and will receive a small stipend to use for their own project.

Membership Expectations

  • Team members will attend workshops offered in the studio when possible.
  • At least one member of each team (and preferably the whole team) will participate in monthly Studio Round Table meetings. During these meetings, we will discuss changes to the studio, plan workshops, and hear about what each team is working on.
  • Teams may request minor purchases of software and materials for the studio as well as small purchases of one-time-use supplies (e.g. posters, prototyping materials, promo items, and other things that cannot be reused) for their team. For potential funding sources, visit our studio resources page.

Click here to see the full, updated list of studio protocols.

Submit a Proposal

To submit a proposal, please complete the Google form HERE.

The Fusion Studio manager will review proposals on a rolling basis, looking for the following criteria:

  • Project Topic – Is the topic interdisciplinary, including the contributions of students from a variety of disciplines?
  • Resource Needs – Can the studio meet the space and resource needs of the project team?
  • Team Size – Will the studio be able to accommodate the size of the team based on the number of students already using the studio?
  • Studio Contribution – Will the nature of the project allow for cross-pollination of diverse ideas and topics with other projects in the studio?

After review, the Fusion Studio Manager will contact you regarding your proposal status. Please contact us at if you have any questions.