About the Virtual Environments Studio

Student experiencing virtual realityThe Virtual Environments Studio is a place for students, faculty, and patrons to experience virtual reality in a relaxed setting without having any prior knowledge of the technology. We provide the hardware and software for games, movies, artistic experiences, and educational content. Reserve your time to come and play or to test out your own prototype projects.

Sunday – Friday  4:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Booking now available!

or stop by Newman Library, Room 4020

Did you know?
The Virtual Environments Studio also holds Theatre Nights when anyone can stop in for a quick, themed experience.

The Virtual Environments Studio includes:

  • Multiple virtual reality and augmented reality headsets and accessories, including the Oculus Rift (with Touch controllers), the HTC Vive (with Deluxe Audio Strap), and the Microsoft Hololens.
  • Powerful Gaming PCs capable of running lag-free VR experiences. The studio has both an MSI VR backpack for untethered movement and a Dell PC with a 6-core Xeon processor and nVidia GTX 1080ti graphics card.
  • Various VR and AR experiences for patrons to play with, including games, artistic experiences, movies, music videos, educational content, and data visualization software.